Other Exemptions Available to Qualifying Taxpayers

The following exemptions are all based on income and age levels. These exemptions need to be filed in person in the Assessor's office. Field locations are only done during the month of January. Please call the office to find out what you need to bring with you to file for any of these exemptions. We want you to have all the exemptions you qualify for. If appearing in person creates a serious problem for you please call the office for assistance. The field locations will be added to this page the last week of December.

100% Disabled Veterans Exemption:

An exemption from property tax on homestead property only is available for 100% disabled veterans. You must be an Oklahoma resident and eligible for homestead exemption on the subject property. The exemption would apply to certain injured veterans and their surviving spouses. The exemption would be for the full fair cash value of the homestead property and personal property where applicable. The Assessor's office does not qualify you for this exemption. The Veteran's Administration sends the qualifying letter to the veteran. It comes with instructions and a raised seal on the letter. This letter must be presented to the Assessor's office before you can file. If you think you might qualify but you have never received a letter please call the Veteran's Administration at 1-800-827-1000 or feel free to call our office and we will try to help you. The property owner must have a current homestead in place, or qualify for one for the current year.

Property Tax Refund/Credit:

If your gross household income from all sources (except gifts) is $12,000 or less, AND you are 65 years of age OR totally disabled, you may be eligible for a property tax refund. Application is made on Form 538-H which you may obtain from the Oklahoma Tax Commission website under Forms Section. You must pay your property taxes in full to the County Treasurer and attach your receipt to the 538-H form. There are complete instructions on the form. We will be glad to mail you one if you cannot obtain one from the OTC website. This form does not have to be filled out by the Assessor's office but we will be glad to assist you if you have any questions. A refund may not exceed $200.00.

Property Valuation Limitation (Senior Freeze):

If you are age 65 or older as of January 1st of the current year, you might be eligible to freeze the taxable valuation on your property. The value that is frozen is based on what the current year's value will be, not the previous year's value. IT DOES NOT FREEZE YOUR TAXES. You must be an owner of and occupy the homestead property on January 1 and qualify for a homestead. The gross household income (collective income of all persons living in the homestead residence) must not exceed the amount determined by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. These income levels may be different for each county and are subject to change each year. Contact your County Assessor for the exact qualifying income. Verification of income is required and the necessary documentation must be presented at the time of filing. All applications must be filed by March 15. Please be aware that if new growth is added to your property, after the freeze is in effect, this will raise the property valuation freeze by the amount of the new growth.

Additional Homestead Exemption:

A homestead gives you a $1,000 assessed value exemption. The additional or "double" homestead gives you another $1,000 assessed value exemption. There is no age requirement for this exemption however, if age 65 or older as of March 15 of the current year, no annual application is required. If you are under age 65 you must re-file each year by March 15 or the additional exemption will be removed. Gross household income from all sources for the preceding calendar year may not exceed twenty thousand dollars ($20,000). You must notify the county Assessor if your income exceeds the $20,000 limit. Verification of income is required and the necessary documentation must be presented at the time of filing.

Manufactured Home Personal Property Exemption:

Any person age 62 or older, who is the head of a household, is a resident of and domiciled in this state during the entire preceding calendar year, whose gross household income for the preceding year did not exceed Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) and owns and resides in a manufactured home which is located on land not owned by the owner of the manufactured home may receive an exemption on the manufactured home in an amount equal to Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000) of assessed value. The taxpayer must certify the correctness of the amount of said gross income. The application must be made each year before March 15. If you are 65 years of age or older as of March 15 and have previously qualified for the exemption, no annual application shall be required. You must notify the county Assessor of any changes in income that exceed the $10,000 limit. Verification of income is required and the necessary documentation must be presented at the time of filing.


"Head of household" is defined in T68 O.S. ss 2890 as "a person who as owner or joint owner maintains a home and furnishes his own support for said home, furnishings, and other material necessities."

"Gross household income" is defined in T68 O.S. ss 2890 as "the gross amount of income of every type, regardless of the source, received by ALL PERSONS occupying the same household, whether such income was taxable or nontaxable for Federal or State income tax purposes, including pensions, annuities, federal social security, unemployment payments, veteran's disability compensation, public assistance payments, alimony, support money, workmen's compensation, loss of time insurance payments, capital gains and any other type of income received; excluding gifts."



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