Welcome to the Official Web Site of the Wagoner County Assessor’s Office.

The Wagoner County Assessor’s office has designed this web site to make it as easy as possible for the citizens of Wagoner County to access information on Wagoner County properties and hopefully answer the most commonly asked questions about Ad Valorem property tax assessments. In order to make it easier and more convenient to find lot dimensions and locate properties within the county data from the mapping department has also been provided on the site. The data contained on this web site is not a live connection to our computing system in the office. Beginning November of 2012 the web site information will be up dated monthly.

Your Ad Valorem taxes help support public schools, law enforcement, health and social services, libraries and county government.
Ad Valorem taxes are required by law. It is the job of the Assessor’s office to value each property in the county according to the market for the purpose of creating a tax roll. My staff and I work diligently to ensure that each taxpayer is treated equitably.

We are here to serve the citizens of Wagoner County. If you have any questions regarding your property value or the tax levies that are applied to your property or property tax exemptions you may qualify for please do not hesitate to call our office.

Our Mission: The Wagoner County Assessor’s Office is committed to providing all citizens with fair and equitable assessments. We will not compromise our integrity for any personal gain and will apply all statutory practices and procedures with honesty and reliability. We will faithfully guard the trust that has been placed in our hands by the people of Wagoner County.



This website is intended to give the taxpayer a brief overview of the ad valorem tax process. The information presented is based on statutory requirements and procedures. This website is for informational reference purposes only, not legal reference. For more specific information contact our office at (918) 485-2367 or (918) 485-4911. We are located at 307 E. Cherokee, Wagoner, OK 74467

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