Frequently Asked Questions

I sold my property, why am I still getting the tax bill?

If you sold your property just shortly before or after we run the tax roll, that change will not be reflected on the tax roll. If you get a statement and no longer own the property please call immediately so we can get the statement to the correct owner.

I paid my share of taxes on my closing settlement, why am I getting a bill?

Your closing statement is a transfer of funds on paper only. It ensures that the seller pays his share to you and is adjusted in your closing costs. No funds are actually sent to the Treasurer and you will be billed for the whole year.

The first year I lived in my house, my taxes were lower than my second year, why?

If you buy your house after January 1 you usually pay what the previous owner would have paid including any exemptions. Because values are not changed in the middle of the year, your new market value would not go into effect until the following January 1. You need to be sure and file your homestead as it will save you money.

How can my property be worth more if I haven't done any improvements on it?

Property values are based on activity in the marketplace. If homes similar to yours are selling at a higher price you would have to assume yours would be worth more too.

How will new homes in my older neighborhood affect my property taxes?

The new homes will not have a direct affect on your value. We will continue, for value purposes, to compare your homes age, condition, size and other variables to similar properties in the area.

Why did my taxes increase if the Assessor's office didn't raise the value?

If your market value is the same as the previous year, your increase is probably due to an increase in millage (levy) rates in your particular school district. Millage (levy) rates are controlled by a vote of the people, not the County Assessor.

Do you really visit each home in the county at some time?

Yes, we are required by law to visit all properties at least once every four years. We leave a door hanger on your front door so that you know we were there. It has the name of the field appraiser and phone number on it. Please feel free to call if you find one of these hangers on your door.

Is the Assessor's office going to raise my value every year?

Not necessarily. Since the value of your property is based on the market values (sales) in your neighborhood, values could increase as sales increase. We would have to increase the entire neighborhood to maintain current market values as required by law. But, if the values were to decrease based on valid sales, we would have to make the necessary adjustments to maintain that market value by decreasing the values in your neighborhood.

If we didn't get your question answered, please call our office at 918-485-2367 or 918-485-4911.


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